Our story

Golden Retriever Breeder Phyllis Lovett

In 1995, my children and I adopted a little puppy. He was a black lab and we named him Beau.


I was a single mom at the time and Beau became so much a part of our family. He did everything with us: camping, hiking, swimming, you name it. He was there through all of the crucial years of raising my children and seeing them off to college.

When Beau was 12, Bruce moved in with us. Our children and our dog, Beau, were our life.

Sadly, Beau passed away in 2009 at the age of 14. He lived a great life with lots of love. He was a faithful, loving family dog and we all miss him.


It was almost 4 years before Bruce and I decided we were ready for another dog. This would be Bruce’s first puppy. We talked a lot about what kind of dog would fit best in our life.  A golden retriever was our first choice. We both loved everything about them. We read a lot about their needs, temperaments, health, habits, etc. and decided it was our best choice.


We found Dakota in the winter of 2013. She is a beautiful, Dark Red American Golden Retriever, bred and whelped in Pennsylvania. We knew right away that she was ours.

Dakota is the sweetest, most easy going dog I have ever been around. All she has to do is look at you with those big brown eyes and you fall completely in love with her. She loves going for walks, swimming, KIDS, and especially tennis balls!!!

Two years go by and we decide to add to our family with another golden. I searched across the country and found the perfect one.


I drove from Massachusetts to Indiana where I met the cutest little ball of white fur I had ever seen. We named her Montana.


She is an English Cream Golden Retriever. Appearing pure white, but it's actually a cream color.


We decided to breed Montana. After waiting until she was two and having her OFA testing done (eyes, hips, heart, and elbows) we bred her to Lucky, another English Cream from a breeder in CT. He has the same wonderful disposition and personality.


We welcomed 9 puppies on May 25th, 2017


All of those beautiful puppies went to loving Furever homes.

Two of Montana's puppies were added to our pack.

Rangeley Snow (AKA Mr. Purple) He is a fun loving guy who loves chasing tennis balls and cuddling up with anyone!

And Utah Sierra (AKA, Miss Lt. Blue). She is a mischievous little cutie who loves cuddles.

Fast-Forward to 2020:

We have successfully raised 4 litters of puppies from 2 of our girls (Montana and Utah)

Although we learn something new everyday, our goal is to breed healthy, happy dogs.

Health and genetic testing is a priority. 

We follow AKC and OFA guidelines and use Embark for our genetic testing