In-home Breeder of
English Cream Golden Retrievers

Located in Southeastern Massachusetts

puppy application

Although white or very light in color, An English Cream Golden Retriever is basically a Golden Retriever with a pale shade of gold!

They are such wonderful dogs for all humans. So extremely sweet!!

Although bred for hunting, I think they are best for companionship. They make wonderful therapy dogs. Their faces and their actions show how loving they are and their fur is so very soft.

They also are very active. They love hiking and swimming. Oh, and tennis balls!


All puppies are being offered with limited registration. Limited means that the dog will be a family pet and the owner will not be able to use the dog for breeding purposes and the dog may not be allowed in some AKC shows.

Unlimited means that there are no limitations on breeding or showing.

For more information, please contact Phyllis here.